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    Heated air circulation oven series

    The heated air circulation oven, which is also known as electric blast drying oven, is an industrial drying device used for drying products. As a general drying device which controls the temperature of work chamber through instrument and temperature sensor, and dries the materials through the heated air circulation, the oven can dry the materials quickly, shorten the production period, save the energy and improve the product quality.
    熱風循環烘箱應用的范圍很廣泛,可干燥各種工業物料,是通用的干燥設備,一般熱風循環烘箱溫度范圍為室溫~+200℃,高溫型為室溫 ~+500℃。熱風循環系統分為水平送風和垂直送風,風源是由電機運轉帶動送風風輪,使吹出的風吹在電熱管上形成熱風,將熱風由風道送入烘箱的工作室,將使用后的熱風再次吸入風道成為風源再度循環加熱,大大提高溫度均勻性。適合任何工業熱處理:固化、烘烤、涂層、加熱、玻璃化、成型等等,外表面環氧漆噴塑,美觀大方。能耗低、升溫速度快、外表面溫度低。
     As a drying device with a wide range of application, the heated air circulation oven can dry industrial materials; the oven temperature range is ~+200℃ for general heated air circulation oven, or ~+500℃ for high-temperature type oven. The heated air circulation system is divided into horizontal and vertical air feeding; the motor drives the air feeding wheel to provide air supply, forms blowout air into the heated wind on the electrically-heated pipe, feeds hot air into the work chamber of oven through the air channel, inhales the used hot air into the air channel and uses the used hot air as the air source for repeated and circular heating, which greatly improves the temperature uniformity. It applies to all industrial thermal treatments: Curing, baking, coating, heating, vitrifaction and molding; the outer surface is sprayed with epoxy paint to bring elegant appearance. Besides, it can ensure low energy consumption, increase the temperature rise speed and realize a low temperature on the outer surface.